circe☆ (d_oomsday) wrote,

I'll tear down the sky if it'll save her

Sooooo I got to Orphan's Cradle in FFXIII :/ but I'm putting off finishing the game because I don't want it to end yet. Good thing there are so many missions?

It is ridiculous how much Fanille art I draw :I I don't even draw half as much P/E, what

If Gran Pulse were real, I'd probably move there in a heartbeat. SO PRETTY. Except for when I'm getting slaughtered by King Behemoths, I mean. That...isn't so pretty.

Plenty of anatomy fuckery going on here :I I'm so terrible at it, it's sort of depressing.

You know what’d make my party even more awesome? If one of these mofos could cast Haste. BUT WHO NEEDS HASTE WHEN YOUR PARTY IS THIS SEXY. Answer: Me, when I’m getting my sorry, non-Hasted ass kicked by Proudclad

I'm having one of those days where I absolutely *despise* everything I draw. How do you guys cope with random bouts of low self-esteem? :/

...Also, totally random, but I almost passed out in the shower today. I knelt over for a second and got back up, became reaaaally dizzy, and lost control of my body and sort of fell back against the wall and spasmed for a bit. It was kind of terrifying :|
Tags: final fantasy xiii
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